Made in Italy.

This item has been entirely realized in Italy. We carefully selected all of the best artisans workshops to ensure the authenticity and the exclusive quality of the actual made in Italy.

Measurements: cm 2,5 X cm 1,8 cm 

The size of each finished product may have slight differences due to its craftsmanship 


Starting from the handmade sketches and depending from the shape and how organic is the bijoux the firs step can be to make a wax handmade sculpture of the object.  From the master so created with the ancient goldsmith technology of lost wax molding we are able to produced very detailed and clean brass object. One of our secrets is the particular ally we use that is already strongly gold color after molding and scratch resistant. After final hand polishing is the time of another crucial process for final  quality : the galvanic plating. We use only 24 kt Gold Plating certified without any nichel or cadmium, giving the highest tolerance for allergic subjects and the best base for long lasting gold and scratch resistance. The quality of the Preciosa crystals we use is the MAXIMA, the best for light, color palette and certification compliance.