EARRINGS 2731 Turquoise color


Precious earrings with coral-shaped pendant and crystals, covered with enamels.

The enamel is hand painted on the object and then flame strengthened to ensure an outstanding durability.
The highly crafted working makes each item unique and exclusive.
This item has been entirely made in Italy. We carefully selected all of the best artisans workshops to ensure the authenticity and the exclusive quality of the real made in Italy.
The size and color of each finished product may have slight differences due to its craftsmanship that makes it unique.
Starting from the sketches, the first step is to make a handmade wax sculpture of the object. The artist then creates the object through the ancient process of lost-wax casting from which is obtained a very detailed brass sculpture. One of our secrets is the particular alloy used, that is already gold colored and scratch resistant. After being hand polished the object goes through another process to assure its quality: the galvanic plating. We use only 24 Kt. gold, certified without any nichel or cadmium, to guarantee a completely hypoallergenic product. The enamel is hand painted on the object, then flame strengthened, and put in ovens to make it stronger. The quality of Preciosa® crystals we use is the Maxima, the best for light and color.   
 Measurements: cm 7 X 4